Review MT

  1. The interface provides two translation systems:
    1. Review MT: It is an English to Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi review translation system.
    2. Sentiment Review MT: It is an English to Hindi review translation system which considers the sentiment of the input and output sentence too during the translation.
  2. Usage:

    1. Insert the input sentence in the left textbox.
    2. Press the “Translate” button and get the translated output in the right textbox.
    3. User can edit the output in the "Edit if Needed" box if he needs.
    4. User can rate the output quality based on the adequacy (meaning) and fluency (grammar) of the generated output.
    5. After editing/rating, press the Submit button to submit the response.
    6. In "Sentiment Review MT", the sentiment of the sentence will also be printed along with the translated output text.
    7. User can suggest the appropriate sentiment too if he finds the machine generated sentiment wrong.
  3. These responses will be used to improve the translation quality of the model.